Molped Comfort Revolution

Bori Shinichi

The Brief

Hayat Kimya the manufacturers & producers of one of the leading diapers and sanitary products in Nigeria tasked Redrick PR to adapt Molped Global strategy to launch the Molped Comfort Revolution in Nigeria using select influencers that appeal to the target consumer to create engaging  content for digital amplification. 

The Solution

In order to assure originality and relatability in the messaging, we crafted a story utilising real-world circumstances to HERO the brand and characterise the chosen influencers using their genuine characters.

Select female influencers shared their #MolpedComfortRevolution stories as part of a digital campaign that Redrick PR devised and assisted in the execution of. Through the use of user-generated content, we were able to encourage and drive lengthy conversations with customers as they shared their experiences with the #MolpedComfortRevolution

The Result

With more than 153 pieces of user-generated material carefully selected, the campaign garnered a total of 2.5 million views alone on social media. It also received a lot of positive feedback, 88% of which was positive.