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Redrick PR Celebrates Win at the 2024 Pitcher Festival Awards!

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Cultivating Connections: The Power of Community Building for Brands

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, brands are discovering that fostering communities isn’t just a nice-to-have — it’s a strategic imperative. The shift from traditional marketing tactics to c... Read More

Breaking Down PR Basics: Essential Tasks and Tools

Being in the public relations sector as an office manager has provided me with a unique insight into this fascinating industry. From observing how my colleagues have managed campaigns to maintainin... Read More

Why is everyone so obsessed with GEN- Z’s?

Why is everyone so obsessed with GEN- Z’s? — A Deep Dive into Public Relations Strategies for the Digital Generation Read More

Guest and Media Listing: The Amplification of A PR Campaign

Every successful PR campaign has a motive, ideas, thoughts and strategies which when put together, achieves that goal. It is imperative to understand the essence of such campaigns and the steps to ... Read More

What Makes A PR Campaign Memorable?

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Elevate Your Campaign: Master Event PR & Experiential Marketing!

Picture this: Guests entering a transformed venue, where the scent of Polo Ralph Lauren is in the air, with amazing decor, delectable canapes, and an amazing music playlist. Read More

Applying theAMEC Framework to Measure PR Campaigns

Over time, measuring PR campaigns has emerged as a significant challenge in the industry. PR professionals consistently face the responsibility of demonstrating tangible ‘value’ derived from their ... Read More

A Conversation with The PESO Model

You might ask, what is the PESO model? Why do I even need to know about this? In the age of viral tweets, sponsored Instagram posts, and content overload across channels, your brand needs a game plan. Read More

Beyond the Press Release: Meet AI, Your New PR Sidekick

This is the first chapter in the “Beyond the Press Release” series, where we explore the future of PR, powered by the latest tech. Read More