Stallion Baja Auto Keke IWD Campaign

Bori Shinichi

The Brief

Stallion Bajaj Auto Ltd, world leader in the intra-city vehicle tasked Redrick PR to come up with a 360 media campaign for 2021 International Women’s day to engage their internal & external stakeholders. The campaign was aimed at reaffirming the brands commitment to empower women through skills development & entrepreneurship.

The Solution

We developed a 360 media campaign, Deriving messaging direction from the 2021 theme “Choose to Challenge”We produced a film campaign with Stallion Bajaj SMT and female plant workers that addressed gender equality, combating stereotypes, and the necessity for a world with a gender-balanced population.

We also coordinated an exclusive press tour of the Bajaj Stallion assembly plant with press to interact with the women who were trained by Bajaj Stand integrated into the state-of-the-art VON assembly plant in Nigeria.

We focused on generating content that was relatable to the target audience across engagement touchpoints and deployed content across online and traditional media platforms to amplify the documentary , pre and post event release as well the overall brand message. Redrick facilitated the execution of an International Women’s day event curated for Stallion- Bajaj internal stakeholders featuring a line-up of thought-leading speakers.

The Result

We successfully executed the amplification of the video documentary and brand messaging, we effectively implemented a 360-degree campaign, produced multimedia assets, and distributed content across online & traditional media platforms.