Casava Pre-Seed Announcement

Bori Shinichi

The Brief

Casava, a digital insurance company, tasked Redrick PR to support the announcement of the pre-seed funding round and distribute to relevant international Pan-African & Nigerian-focused publications, and secure interviews with relevant publications to expand on main talking points of the funding round.

The Solution

For the release of the pre-seed fundraising round announcement, we compiled a media target list.
We were able to gain coverage in worldwide, Pan-African, and regional/local publications because of our long-standing relationships with numerous media platforms.

The Result

We were successful in getting 108 articles published in global, pan-African, and regional/local publications:
• News articles: 98
• Three interviews (15 interview requests)
• 7 mentions Coverage on a global scale: 31 coverage of all of Africa: 38 Local and regional coverage: 39