Ralph’s Club PR Launch

Bori Shinichi

The Brief

Ralph’s Club, a luxury fragrance, tasked Redrick PR to launch its new fragrance to the Nigerian market. 

The Solution

Redrick PR planned an exclusive launch event for the opening of Ralph's club. With prominent figures and influencers in attendance, we planned and executed a sophisticated night out with a speakeasy ambiance that accentuated the fragrance's core message—togetherness.

We put into practice an advocacy campaign by enlisting the aid of three celebrities who share the values of the brand. Pre-Event, During-Event, and Post-Event stages made up this technique.

With the public celebrities, a lifestyle shot was part of the Pre-Event phase. For the purpose of raising awareness and kicking off event attendance, the images from this were posted on their social media channels.
The attendees actively participated in the event and used the custom photo opportunity to produce high-end original content that increased awareness of and desire for Ralph's Club.

Following the event, different third-party media sources republished photos taken at the launch event from the bespoke photo experience area.

The Result

From beginning to end, we successfully coordinated the campaign.
The campaign received tremendous engagement and interaction, with an estimated reach of 13,970,407 and an estimated impression of 41,910,407 across several platforms.