Hennessy In the Paint
PR Event

Bori Shinichi

The Brief

Hennessy a global cognac brand tasked Redrick PR to develop a PR plan to amplify the unveiling of the revamped basketball court for Hennessy #InthePaintcampaign.

The Solution

By positioning In The Paint as serious news and highlighting the brand's effect on the local community, Redrick PR developed essential strategies to enhance the launch of the Hennessy In The Paint Campaign. Additionally, the event will be promoted via powerful media channels with a newsworthy press release and essential hero photos that highlight the brand's commitment to corporate social responsibility. We also engaged influencers for further promotion of the campaign.
In order to appeal to a broad audience and highlight the brand's adaptability across all contact points, we also concentrated on balancing the News and Lifestyle content.
Utilizing third-party platforms, all material is carefully chosen to meet our target demographics.

The Result

From beginning to end, we successfully coordinated the campaign.
The campaign received tremendous engagement and interaction, with an estimated reach of 13,970,407 and an estimated impression of 41,910,407 across several platforms.