Prime Video Drone Show

Bori Shinichi

The Brief

Prime Video, a global video streaming platform, tasked Redrick PR to come up with PR media strategies, plans, event curation and guest interactions for the celebration of The Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power Season finale Drone show.

The Solution

We devised a number of media strategies and approaches to cover the campaign's many stages—pre, during, and after the event.
For the first-ever drone display in West Africa, we managed event curation, media amplification, guest engagements, and contingency planning.
Furthermore, as the official PR agency for the introduction of Prime Video to Nigeria, the campaign sought to raise awareness about Prime Video and how it is changing the way Nigerians watch TV episodes and movies.

The Result

We effectively coordinated the exclusive Drone Show event and amplified coverage across multiple traditional and online media platforms.
Across various platforms, the campaign had an estimated reach of 18,059,406 and an estimated impression count of 54,178,216. It also acquired significant popularity as it sparked discussions and trended on social media platforms.