YSL Live in Lagos

Bori Shinichi


On May 10th 2023, YSL Beauté hosted the first-of-its-kind brand experience event in West Africa with the aim of positioning itself as the ultimate edgy fragrance in the nightlife scene, specifically targeting the Gen Z demographic. The event sought to create a lasting impact by integrating immersive experiences and cultural relevance into its core objectives.


To achieve its objectives, Redrick implemented a comprehensive and innovative approach. This involved a series of pre-campaign teasers to generate anticipation, a strategic influencer engagement strategy with Gen Z tastemakers, and a live event that featured captivating performances by Fireboy DML and FAVE. The key to success lay in the careful curation of a targeted guestlist, creating buzz around fragrance purchases as exclusive event tickets.


The campaign yielded exceptional results, attracting over 220 influencers and customers who purchased fragrances as their "ticket." The social media buzz was substantial, with more than 350 posts reaching a staggering 40 million people and achieving an 88% earned media rate. This success was attributed to the campaign's immersive experiences, cultural resonance, and authentic influencer partnerships, demonstrating the potency of innovative brand connections in capturing the hearts and minds of the Gen Z demographic.